El Faro

El Faro, which translates as The Lighthouse, is situated at the end of a private track in the Spanish mountains in between Alicante and Valencia, this peaceful haven with magnificent views and fresh mountain air has a sense of peace which I have never found anywhere else and I feel privileged to live here.


The garden has many different spaces to enjoy and a terrace and a plunge pool with spectacular views of the mountains. The light on the mountains at whatever time of year is constantly changing and I guarantee you will fall in love with its beauty. All modern comforts can be found in the house including high speed wifi which is also accessible in the garden. There is also a comfortable media room with a big screen and surround sound together with a good selection of books in the library. 

Circa 1998

I have lived here for 20 years now, coming directly from London where I'd lived since I was seventeen. My " find out who the f*#k I am " plan was to put my heart into what ever job I had. This soon eliminated many avenues in life which I knew were impossible for me to follow. I'd worn the tie and the suit, I'd been the cool media man and served many a table in those years yet  soon enough I ended up finding my core delight ! I'd found the joy of creation! My degree is in sculpture and I drifted into gardening and later into design. Alongside which I traveled, fell in love ... you know, the usual. So I left London on a mission to create a garden after a certain experience I had. A year after arriving in Spain, I found a small plot of land for sale, which I bought.

I spent the first 7 years living in the garden before the house was even started, most of those years were spent living in a tent ! It was a large dome tent, yet a tent none the less. No water for two years and no fridge or electrics for 7 ! The first Spring was magnificent ! I felt I'd been reborn ! I could not believe this was where I now lived. Flowers and fresh mountain air alongside outdoor showers. Summers were hot and I accustomed myself to the strange eating times and the magnificent fiestas easily enough. Winter was a mixed bag. Sometimes snow and blue skies and other times storms. Sometimes so much rain that the track from my house was blocked by landslides and roads further down the mountain are literally swept away. Then there was the wind in February. Constant, unrelenting.  Day after day, night after night, teasing chapped lips and hands by pretending to stop yet relenting. Penetrating the mind with fear of it never ending.The storms, the intense summer heat, no electricity, the solitude of the mountains all played their part along my journey yet it's the wind that I remember the most.

The early years

The house is off grid, run on solar panels. There is a wooden decking in the lower garden along with a plunge pool, zen garden and your own private beach ! The garden I created around the house is a clean curved and easy maintainable garden.


I've worked the lower land for years, along side my building of the house. The lower land has a spring and this area will be finished with waterfalls, fruit trees, shrubs, flowers and sculptures. What I aim to create here is a natural paradise where I wish to invite people so that they can step away from the harsh world and come and heal themselves in the depths of nature. Basically a magical garden with stunning views. where I see yurts sitting proudly on the remodeled curved walls to house my guests.