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Fishy Tales

Truth will bring out the worst in others and authenticity will provoke closed minds.


I find myself being censored by Youtube and Facebook for sharing my truth whilst being questioned and harassed by friends who are still living the dream spell. Some are 'concerned' about me, others couldn't even face an opposing reality and ran away at the slightest suggestion of them actually having to think while others are just repetitive in their story of misunderstanding.

As I grew up as the "Black Sheep" in my family I am well accustomed to this tittle tattle from others as they look down on me from their self imposed throne of 'I know best."

The black sheep of the family are in fact, seekers of liberation who do not adapt to the rules or traditions of the family system. They are those who were constantly seeking to revolutionise beliefs, going in contrast to marked roads. They are continually criticised, tried and even rejected by friends and family as they are called upon to release the tree of repetitive stories that frustrate entire generations by following their souls mission.

No matter how clear the evidence is, they still deny all of it. Each one of these people are 'well educated'. They are the intellectuals, the ones with nice homes and nice jobs. I know because I come from the same background. These "intelligent idiots" as I call them, refuse to even consider a different possibility from the one that they have concretely set in their mind.

They still believe that the Main stream media tells the truth, that Governments care for them and don't even question the narrative around the present Covid hoax. They are incapable of

seeing the truth.

Most people are dormant, as they hold a fear of punishment coming from a mindset that says you must obey. A mindset that has been woven into the systems of our societies, enforced through law, schooling and parental frameworks.


Allow me to be clear on my beliefs:

This year is exposing us to the fact that we’ve been living under the control of a dark force that enslaved this planet and have been using us like cattle for thousands of years. Endless incidents of brutal demonic behaviour that defies rationalisation in human terms saturates the world. A system based on fear, pushed forward by the media, Hollywood and political theatre played out as wars. Again many will not even explore this truth let alone accept it.

Yet finally we are able to openly witness a level of corruption that stems from a more abysmal source than politics or economics. It is clearly time for a new paradigm. Yet this paradigm will only manifest fully when the corruption of all aspects of the existing model are perceived and the true nature, extent and consequences of the crisis is understood.

This corruption is easy to see as Governments and Governmental institutions act

like tyrants around this virus hoax. Yet many people are still refusing to see the truth and instead are happy to be told what to do and so they happily choose a self imposed exile against reason and reality. They'd rather choose to mask themselves against others, to self isolate and misidentify with the only thing that matters in this world, that is to love and be loved rather than to start thinking objectively incase they rock the boat.

Knowing this, understand that for as long as you wear the physical mask, a second one forms and that one, the mask of fear, complicity and mindless obedience, cannot so easily be removed from the human soul.

Truth will bring out the worst in others and authenticity will provoke closed minds.

Whatever you do, do it in the positive. Shut down the programme and transform it,

yet with no rejection.


Fishy Tale 1 - Tyranny

She approached me and said, " Sir, are you an utter fool ? Are you completely stupid ? Or have you simply given up and enjoy suffering so much that you allow yourself to be imprisoned all this time ?

Fishy Tale 2 - Dead pilots

"Everyone is being forced to choose fear & distraction over hope & positivity. This fear frequency creates a chaos static."

Fishy Tales 3 - Unsafe for humans

Give thanks.

Slow down.



There is an ocean of light ready to manifest our every wish.

Soon everyone will know the truth.

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Dean Powell
Dean Powell
Jul 04, 2021

Love this Jamie and I love you. Thanks for using your unique gifts to help wake those still resting ❤️💜💚

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