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Lovefishcafe is a site where I share my creativity, nothing more, just an overview of my creativity over the years. I hope you enjoy it and maybe find some inspiration along the way.


I am open to work on any creative project if you need any help. I don't have an exact definition of what I do exactly yet it is all relative to design within space. Recently a friend of mine told we I was like a 'composer' as I fitted everything together in a harmonious way. 


I also hold a love for crypto and all involved in this new era of currency and offer help for those wishing to get started or invest on a deeper level.


My degree is in sculpture yet i have branched out into design in gardens, houses, restaurants and larger scale projects. I paint, sculpt, create videos and music. Basically I'm a creative and the design process comes with that creation. 


Jamie Owen

I was Born in England.

Grew up in Kent countryside.


As a teenager I went to London to seek my proverbial gold and after many years swimming in the wrong direction, selling life insurance, working as an estate agent, etc. I began to find cracks in the illusion of what I perceived work to be.


By the time I was 24 I had a good job in film editing yet still found it lacking in creative freedom, so I applied for art college and was later awarded a full three year scholarship at City & Guilds of London Art college.

Finally, after years of what felt like the wrong way to live, jobs that held no true calling, I was SELF employed.

During my time at college I was involved in the Portobello Arts Festival, invited to create works in Richmond park and undertook some performance art for the Glasgow Mayfest, KYO in conjunction with NVA Sabotage, which involved being naked on stage and performing in front of a live audience. So I kept myself busy during those years and also dived deeply into studying things not taught at school by studying with a shaman in Bali and doing yoga and meditation throughout these years at college.

After leaving college I was offered shows at the Thackery gallery, yet only did one show, as being with a gallery didn't feel right to me, it felt too much like the business world I'd left behind. I entered the Art show held at Alexandra Palace and won both first prize sculpture and overall winner. Around the same time I was approached by Sue Parkinson who was heading the Arts Dyslexia Trust which I then became involved in. Through the trust I exhibited at colleges and gave talks to students around the country. I also entered another competition held at Christies where again I won first prize.

Later my work took me to the House of Lords for the release of a limited edition book containing works by various artists including Robert Rauschenberg and Anthony Gormley

I then spent  three wonderful years creating gardens all around Europe, working alongside the garden designer Paul Thompson after which I left England for Spain to start a new adventure.

When I arrived in Spain, I exhibited in the streets of Altea, Tarbena and later one Alicante where  I was accused by the Spanish Government of bone theft whilst exhibiting at Galleria 6. I had my sculpture removed from the gallery by the police and went through months of paperwork to retrieve my artwork.


Whilst I was in Spain and living from a tent I kept my hand in garden design by traveling and working in Italy with Guy McDonald, designer and creator of lushlandscapes. More wonderful days spent creating in nature.


After many years spent creating  my home, El Faro, I left for Bali where I worked as a designer and project manager creating restaurants all around Ubud and a beach bar in the Gili Islands. Working and living with the Balinese was an amazing experience and i made many new life long friends alone the way.  A real heart felt experience in the heart of Indonesia.

After 4 years i returned to Spain and have now been constantly working around Europe. At the time of writing I am in Portugal building stone walls at my friends place Monte de vida.


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